The Beginning

Where to begin for an introduction? (sigh, too tired to think)

So I will keep it simple, brief, and obvious.

  • This is big G games’ website
  • It has only 1 employee (me)
  • I develop games on my spare time (flash, mobile… hopefully for the PC/Mac via Steam soon ;))
  • I wish I could develop games full time
  • This is all I can think of to say…
  • … did I mention I was tired?

Ok, trying to be serious.

I will post the latest and greatest game(s) I am currently working on, here, on this site… blog, whatever. Though, I won’t post the game I am working on until it’s closer to its final stages of development.

As mentioned, I develop games on my spare time, the brain power behind developing a game for hundreds, thousands, nay… MILLIONS of gamers, AND to develop a game that will satisfy their taste is the challenge I enjoy. It’s also very fun to play games.

Ok, that’s all I have to say, for now… good night!

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