Submitted and Pending

Well, after many hours of development, research, trial, errors, cussing, screaming, and flipping off the monitor because I thought I knew better than the computer… Tunnel Rider has finally been uploaded to iTunes. It’s not live, just waiting for approval.

It would be awesome if it gets approved without any errors the first time submitted – I have heard the rumors of Apple’s strict tests and approvals.

Anyways, I am very excited and thrilled for several reasons. One, and obviously, Tunnel Rider is soon to go live. Two, I learned a great deal on developing in Unity. I learned so many ‘got-cha’ techniques, useful plugins to increase development time (and many more waiting), code organization, etc. Three, I have at least a half dozen games brainstormed and drawn out and ready to be developed.

It would be ideal to release a new game every month – and it probably is. Which how much was learned from this project, that would be a great short term goal.

Alright, enough of this… its bed time 🙂

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