Time to step it up

The past couple of days very pretty productive over here: Finished the and submitted to the App Store Neon Rider for approval, and updated and submitted a much needed update for Tunnel Rider to the App Store for approval as well.

Now it’s time to step up my game.

All the games I have developed, for both Flash and iOS, have been small mini games. Games you play for 5-10 minutes and you’re done with. I haven’t developed a game that makes the player excited to play again and again. Its time to change that.

I have to take back my goal stated earlier on this blog on ‘submitting a game to the App Store once a month’. Those type of games end up to be little and will be deleted by the player quicker than they downloaded it. Its time to make a game that worth is worth playing again and again, and won’t be deleted by the player, and, this would be really cool, show my game in those Apple commercials (haha, thats a good goal to work towards to right?).

The next game I am working on will be kept a close secret for now. The closer the game gets to its final stages, I will share and post screen shots, features and game play. Maybe the game play will be video…? Still undecided on that.

Ok, well, there it is. The new goal for ‘big G games’. Not going to turn back on this one!

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