Spawn Controller

This week, I launched a plugin for the Unity Asset Store¬†called Spawn Controller¬†(or you can get it here). It’s a plugin I originally wrote to help cut development time on the latest game I am developing (which is still under wraps at the time being). The Spawn Controller allows you to create waves of enemies to spawn from specific spawning positions you setup in your scene. A plugin of such could be useful for creating a zombie game, whereas hordes of zombies come at you in wave after wave.

The docs for the Spawn Controller can viewed here, as well as an overview of the Spawn Controller settings. I am currently working on a intro video to demonstrate how to use it… should be up by the end of the week. Well I got that up sooner than announced, on the same day!

Here is the intro video of the Spawn Controller:

[youtube_sc url= width=600 height=338]

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions, thanks!