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Neon Rider 2 – Open Test (v0.2)

Prototype after prototype. I seem to build more prototypes than complete games. It can be a good thing and bad thing. Well, only a bad thing if you choose to look at it like that.

The latest prototype in the works here is a sequel to an earlier released game on the App Store.

I present Neon Rider 2. Its available for open test right now (on the browser only) and I would appreciate your feedback on the game. If you like the game and enjoyed it, thats good to know and puts a smile on my face. If you hated it, tell me all the reasons why. Or if you just have a few suggestions or nitpicks, I welcome those as well.

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First App Review

Well, its been sometime, but I finally got my first game/app review from one of my games released on the iPhone!

The people at AppEpic reviewed my game Tunnel Rider and I couldn’t be more happy with their review.

What is AppEpic? Well, I didn’t myself until I went to their About Us page. I like their approach. They seem to focus on helping indie game developers, like me, and smaller game studios get a little more recognition. They are in Beta stages, but I already see them as a great resource for both Developers and Users.

Check out their full review here on Tunnel Rider and don’t forget to download the Tunnel Rider game in the App Store.


Neon Rider Released

“big G games” is back with a new Game App in the App Store, Neon Rider.

Players take control of a cube in neon city dodging on coming cubes while staying on top of the track in 2 fun game modes: Time Attack and Score Attack. There are 3 different types of oncoming cubes to dodge: Inactive, Sliding, and Stomping. Neon Rider has a soft and relaxing background music, and an easy pick up and play  game, that is set back, relaxing, simple, and fun.

Neon Rider features:

  • Set back, relaxing, simple, and fun game play
  • Simple and attractive graphics
  • 2 Game Modes (Time Attack and Score Attack)
  • Game Center, submit Time and/or Score and earn Achievements
  • Control the cube by tilting the iPhone/iPad

Download Tunnel Rider from the Apple App Store today.


Tunnel Rider Released

Good news for the world who was waiting for “big G games” first iPhone App – Tunnel Rider was released – yesterday.

Players drive the Tunnel Rider through an endless tunnel as fast as they can dodging gigantic rotating walls and, in selected game modes, collect diamonds to increase their score. With Game Center, earn up 15 challenging, fun, and exiting Achievements. Submit your best time and score to compete among your friends, or the world.

Tunnel Rider features:

  • Fun and exciting game play
  • 4 Game Modes (Time Attack, Score Attack, Speed Run, Endless)
  • Game Center, submit Scores and earn Achievements
  • Control the Tunnel Rider by tilting the iPhone

Download Tunnel Rider from the Apple App Store today.