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Pool Manager Breed

Just released, another plugin called for the Unity Asset Store called Pool Manager Breed. This plugin is perfect for games that involves a lot of Game Objects being Instantiated and Destroyed time and time again. Ideal for mobile games – or just in general really. It improves performance by enabling and disabling Game Objects instead of creating and destroying them.

With the Breed plugin you can:

  • Pre-Instantiate a specific number of Game Objects
  • It will dynamically grow if you end up needing more Game Objects than allocated
  • It does not require any additional scripts to be attached to your Game Objects. It just calls OnSpawn and OnUpsawn functions when initialization and cleanups

You can view a working demo here and view the docs here.


Spawn Controller

This week, I launched a plugin for the Unity Asset Store called Spawn Controller (or you can get it here). It’s a plugin I originally wrote to help cut development time on the latest game I am developing (which is still under wraps at the time being). The Spawn Controller allows you to create waves of enemies to spawn from specific spawning positions you setup in your scene. A plugin of such could be useful for creating a zombie game, whereas hordes of zombies come at you in wave after wave.

The docs for the Spawn Controller can viewed here, as well as an overview of the Spawn Controller settings. I am currently working on a intro video to demonstrate how to use it… should be up by the end of the week. Well I got that up sooner than announced, on the same day!

Here is the intro video of the Spawn Controller:

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions, thanks!


Neon Rider Released

“big G games” is back with a new Game App in the App Store, Neon Rider.

Players take control of a cube in neon city dodging on coming cubes while staying on top of the track in 2 fun game modes: Time Attack and Score Attack. There are 3 different types of oncoming cubes to dodge: Inactive, Sliding, and Stomping. Neon Rider has a soft and relaxing background music, and an easy pick up and play  game, that is set back, relaxing, simple, and fun.

Neon Rider features:

  • Set back, relaxing, simple, and fun game play
  • Simple and attractive graphics
  • 2 Game Modes (Time Attack and Score Attack)
  • Game Center, submit Time and/or Score and earn Achievements
  • Control the cube by tilting the iPhone/iPad

Download Tunnel Rider from the Apple App Store today.


Tunnel Rider Released

Good news for the world who was waiting for “big G games” first iPhone App – Tunnel Rider was released – yesterday.

Players drive the Tunnel Rider through an endless tunnel as fast as they can dodging gigantic rotating walls and, in selected game modes, collect diamonds to increase their score. With Game Center, earn up 15 challenging, fun, and exiting Achievements. Submit your best time and score to compete among your friends, or the world.

Tunnel Rider features:

  • Fun and exciting game play
  • 4 Game Modes (Time Attack, Score Attack, Speed Run, Endless)
  • Game Center, submit Scores and earn Achievements
  • Control the Tunnel Rider by tilting the iPhone

Download Tunnel Rider from the Apple App Store today.


Submitted and Pending

Well, after many hours of development, research, trial, errors, cussing, screaming, and flipping off the monitor because I thought I knew better than the computer… Tunnel Rider has finally been uploaded to iTunes. It’s not live, just waiting for approval.

It would be awesome if it gets approved without any errors the first time submitted – I have heard the rumors of Apple’s strict tests and approvals.

Anyways, I am very excited and thrilled for several reasons. One, and obviously, Tunnel Rider is soon to go live. Two, I learned a great deal on developing in Unity. I learned so many ‘got-cha’ techniques, useful plugins to increase development time (and many more waiting), code organization, etc. Three, I have at least a half dozen games brainstormed and drawn out and ready to be developed.

It would be ideal to release a new game every month – and it probably is. Which how much was learned from this project, that would be a great short term goal.

Alright, enough of this… its bed time 🙂