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Neon Rider 2 – Open Test (v0.2)

Prototype after prototype. I seem to build more prototypes than complete games. It can be a good thing and bad thing. Well, only a bad thing if you choose to look at it like that.

The latest prototype in the works here is a sequel to an earlier released game on the App Store.

I present Neon Rider 2. Its available for open test right now (on the browser only) and I would appreciate your feedback on the game. If you like the game and enjoyed it, thats good to know and puts a smile on my face. If you hated it, tell me all the reasons why. Or if you just have a few suggestions or nitpicks, I welcome those as well.

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Racing Game Prototype

Normally I use Unity for my game development. It’s a complete game engine tool to that eases game development time by many hours. It’s my choice for 3D game development.

Over the weekend I discovered another game engine called Construct 2 (C2) by Scirra. From my short experience with it, it’s a very promising tool and one that I will most likely use from time to time. At the moment, games can be only exported to HTML5. I am not sure there are plans to export games to other platforms, but there is a lot requests it seems from the community (which by the way are extremely helpful). The one thing that C2 offers that I just now game develop without now, are the Events Editor. The Events Editor in C2 is where the power is. It takes all the hassle off of coding and allows me to be more creative. I was able to create the game prototype “Space Racer” in under 10 hours. It’s for a competition Scirra was holding and thought no better way to learn the engine than by participating.

Use the Up/Down Arrows to Accelerate/Decelerate
Use the Left/Right Arrows to Turn Left/Right

Tip: Hitting the Red circle opens a small shortcut to get a faster time.


Sneak Peek of Neon Rider

Well, Tunnel Rider was successfully launched and now I am onto the next one: Neon Rider.

Neon Rider is a step back from Tunnel Rider in terms of fast and exciting game plays. It’s a more laid back game where you enjoy the soft music, dodge the oncoming boxes while staying on the track. That’s it. The game was originally released as a flash game a few years back as an experiment with 3D in flash with its limited capabilities (the original game was called “Neo Rider”). It paid off really well. With its simple and pickup gameplay, unique style, and, again, laid back music, it was the most played flash game I have out there – with a total of 150K game plays.

Below is a sample screen shot of what is next to come from bigGgames. I expect to submit this game to the App Store later this week.

Sneak Peek - Neon Rider - Title ScreenSneak Peek - Neon Rider - Game Play