HTML5 Games

Below is a list of games developed in HTML5. All the games are developed with mobile in mind and work on devices such as iPod, iPad, Android phones and tablets, as well as modern desktop browsers. Each game is available for licensing (unless mentioned otherwise).

To license any of the games, please use the contact form


super-sofa-jumperSuper Sofa Jumper
Oh no! The floor has turned into hot lava! Make your way across the room by skillfully jumping on the furniture. Be careful and don’t touch the lava!
Lonely Egg
A Lonely Egg sits on a tree branch while you protect it from falling off by breaking acorns and apples, and swiping away leafs and cats. Fun and intuitive gameplay for all ages.
Jetpack Mailman
You are not an ordinary Mailman, no, you are a Jetpack Mailman! Use your Jetpack to deliver packages to the houses in outer space, but watch out for asteroids, collect fuel, and see how many packages you can deliver before time runs out!