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Time to step it up

The past couple of days very pretty productive over here: Finished the and submitted to the App Store Neon Rider for approval, and updated and submitted a much needed update for Tunnel Rider to the App Store for approval as well.

Now it’s time to step up my game.

All the games I have developed, for both Flash and iOS, have been small mini games. Games you play for 5-10 minutes and you’re done with. I haven’t developed a game that makes the player excited to play again and again. Its time to change that.

I have to take back my goal stated earlier on this blog on ‘submitting a game to the App Store once a month’. Those type of games end up to be little and will be deleted by the player quicker than they downloaded it. Its time to make a game that worth is worth playing again and again, and won’t be deleted by the player, and, this would be really cool, show my game in those Apple commercials (haha, thats a good goal to work towards to right?).

The next game I am working on will be kept a close secret for now. The closer the game gets to its final stages, I will share and post screen shots, features and game play. Maybe the game play will be video…? Still undecided on that.

Ok, well, there it is. The new goal for ‘big G games’. Not going to turn back on this one!


Sneak Peek of Neon Rider

Well, Tunnel Rider was successfully launched and now I am onto the next one: Neon Rider.

Neon Rider is a step back from Tunnel Rider in terms of fast and exciting game plays. It’s a more laid back game where you enjoy the soft music, dodge the oncoming boxes while staying on the track. That’s it. The game was originally released as a flash game a few years back as an experiment with 3D in flash with its limited capabilities (the original game was called “Neo Rider”). It paid off really well. With its simple and pickup gameplay, unique style, and, again, laid back music, it was the most played flash game I have out there – with a total of 150K game plays.

Below is a sample screen shot of what is next to come from bigGgames. I expect to submit this game to the App Store later this week.

Sneak Peek - Neon Rider - Title ScreenSneak Peek - Neon Rider - Game Play


Tunnel Rider Released

Good news for the world who was waiting for “big G games” first iPhone App – Tunnel Rider was released – yesterday.

Players drive the Tunnel Rider through an endless tunnel as fast as they can dodging gigantic rotating walls and, in selected game modes, collect diamonds to increase their score. With Game Center, earn up 15 challenging, fun, and exiting Achievements. Submit your best time and score to compete among your friends, or the world.

Tunnel Rider features:

  • Fun and exciting game play
  • 4 Game Modes (Time Attack, Score Attack, Speed Run, Endless)
  • Game Center, submit Scores and earn Achievements
  • Control the Tunnel Rider by tilting the iPhone

Download Tunnel Rider from the Apple App Store today.


Submitted and Pending

Well, after many hours of development, research, trial, errors, cussing, screaming, and flipping off the monitor because I thought I knew better than the computer… Tunnel Rider has finally been uploaded to iTunes. It’s not live, just waiting for approval.

It would be awesome if it gets approved without any errors the first time submitted – I have heard the rumors of Apple’s strict tests and approvals.

Anyways, I am very excited and thrilled for several reasons. One, and obviously, Tunnel Rider is soon to go live. Two, I learned a great deal on developing in Unity. I learned so many ‘got-cha’ techniques, useful plugins to increase development time (and many more waiting), code organization, etc. Three, I have at least a half dozen games brainstormed and drawn out and ready to be developed.

It would be ideal to release a new game every month – and it probably is. Which how much was learned from this project, that would be a great short term goal.

Alright, enough of this… its bed time :)


The Beginning

Where to begin for an introduction? (sigh, too tired to think)

So I will keep it simple, brief, and obvious.

  • This is big G games’ website
  • It has only 1 employee (me)
  • I develop games on my spare time (flash, mobile… hopefully for the PC/Mac via Steam soon ;))
  • I wish I could develop games full time
  • This is all I can think of to say…
  • … did I mention I was tired?

Ok, trying to be serious.

I will post the latest and greatest game(s) I am currently working on, here, on this site… blog, whatever. Though, I won’t post the game I am working on until it’s closer to its final stages of development.

As mentioned, I develop games on my spare time, the brain power behind developing a game for hundreds, thousands, nay… MILLIONS of gamers, AND to develop a game that will satisfy their taste is the challenge I enjoy. It’s also very fun to play games.

Ok, that’s all I have to say, for now… good night!