Below is a small list of available but very useful plugins to help your game development less hassle.

Don’t forget to check out the Docs to see how to use the Plugins (some plugins do include a sample scene).

Google Analytics (Unity) – $5.00

This plugin helps track what your users are doing in your game with the help of Google Analytics. Ever wondered how far your user gets in your game? How many times they have died? What game mode they play more often? With this plugin these questions will soon be answered. Drag and Drop the Prefab into the Scene of your Game, set the values in the Inspector, then you’re all set! Will automatically save and retry analytic calls if the internet isn’t available.

Spawn Controller (Unity) – $10.00

View a demo

Making a game that involves waves of enemies? Need a way to manage when and where the spawning positions of those enemies? Look no further, the Spawn Controller is a great solution for doing just that. Create and manage waves, the spawning position(s) for that wave, and the enemy(s) that spawn from that spawning position, in a very easy to use interface. (This includes the Breed plugin)

Breed (Unity) – $5.00

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Calling GameObject.Instantiate or GameObject.Destroy a lot, that’s bad. It slows down performance. Thats where the Breed plugin comes in to help you with that by re-using game objects that would’ve been destroyed, instead disabling them, and creating only new game objects when needed. You may even pre-instantiate a specific number of prefab instances.