Sneak Peek of Neon Rider

Well, Tunnel Rider was successfully launched and now I am onto the next one: Neon Rider.

Neon Rider is a step back from Tunnel Rider in terms of fast and exciting game plays. It’s a more laid back game where you enjoy the soft music, dodge the oncoming boxes while staying on the track. That’s it. The game was originally released as a flash game a few years back as an experiment with 3D in flash with its limited capabilities (the original game was called “Neo Rider”). It paid off really well. With its simple and pickup gameplay, unique style, and, again, laid back music, it was the most played flash game I have out there – with a total of 150K game plays.

Below is a sample screen shot of what is next to come from bigGgames. I expect to submit this game to the App Store later this week.

Sneak Peek - Neon Rider - Title ScreenSneak Peek - Neon Rider - Game Play

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