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This is my first write up on a new category: Open Thoughts. They are just that: Open Thoughts. I have no definitive, I might abruptly end, I had a hard time with english in school (and it will show), I don’t know where it goes as I sit and write it out. So away I go…

With the new generation of consoles out, the graphical enhancements tower over the previous. This is all great for gamers who are eager just for bigger and badder games, but the creation behind these games can make a serious impact on costs. Studios need to double their team size, developers need to rewrite new engines, etc. This is why we mainly see only larger studios developing only these larger scopes of games for the consoles. So as these larger studios are only capable of developing these games, which take 3+ years to develop, they could be becoming fewer and fewer.

XBOnes and PS4 has received so much praise and attention for its high end graphics compared to the little Wii U thats out on the market currently. But again, with the costs of development and turn around time to get a game out, this makes the Wii U a compelling console to develop for, for some. For example, the PS2 has a library of ~3,800 games, but then graphics got too complex and that number dropped down on the PS3 to around 800 games. Some people will probably point out that the PS3 had an online store, and well, there are roughly ~2000 games at the time of this writing. Bring it to a total of ~2,800. The Playstation Store does help medium to smaller companies and even indie developers minus the cost of manufacturing, shipping, etc. But a 1,000 games less games than its predecessor? There shouldn’t be this big of a drop.

I was going somewhere with this, I just don’t remember…

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