Unity Games

A list of Games developed in Unity ported to the App Store. I have strayed away from Unity as mentioned in an article. It is still a wonderful and great platform to develop in though, and it sure beats HTML5 in terms of IDE because, well, there isn’t one really established for it yet.


Neon Rider 2
Neon Rider 2 is a sequel to the fun and relaxing infinite runner. Guide the Rider down the track avoiding Obstacles and collecting Orbs to rank up your Score.
Neon Rider
An arcade racing game, with a kick back setting. Soft music and easy gameplay make this game fun and enjoyable. Avoid the oncoming Boxes while trying to stay on top of the Track.
Tunnel Rider
Take part in a very extreme experience with Tunnel Rider. Drive the Tunnel Rider for as long as possible dodging gigantic rotating walls in 4 exciting game modes!